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The Feldenkrais® Method

We are currently on Summer break. Check back in August!  


Awareness Through Movement® Lessons (on zoom!)


10 AM - 11 AM MST

$10 Suggested Donation 

Awareness Through Movement® Class Zoom Link 

Meeting ID: 788 3962 4395

Passcode: 4SDt43


Venmo: @LauraAnn-Samuelson

Awareness Through Movement® is a form of somatic education developed by Moshe Feldenkrais.

I like to think of it as a means of coming home to oneself through moving and sensing.

It’s an opportunity to take the time to really feel what you are doing,

and then, let the act of feeling, change what you do.

Over the past decade, this practice is something that has grounded me and allowed me to see new options, new ways of being with myself, and new ways of being with others. It feels like the perfect thing to do more of in this time.


Here's what it's like:

-Before class, you’ll find a comfortable place in your home on the floor to lie down. If you have a mat or carpet or thick blanket, lie down on that. 


-The instructor (me) will verbally (and virtually) guide you through a series of movements that are often performed either lying down or seated. These movements are often small, and at first, might feel inconsequential. But we will explore how they connect to other movements, their impact on how you sense yourself, and what they might allow you to do. 


-We will take a lot of breaks while we do this. At first, it might feel like we are taking more breaks than seems necessary, but we will take the breaks anyway, because in many ways, this practice is about what can happen in the breaks. 


-We will get better at doing less, so that when we do more, we can do it better. Sometimes we will do less so well, that all of a sudden, we will find ourselves spontaneously doing more than we thought we could, and without having to try so hard. 



The result is often a greater sense of skeletal connectedness, which can help: 


-diminish physical pain and unnecessary effort 

-increase ease and freedom in your movement and thinking 

-uncover a greater sense of personal agency 

-build a better understanding of yourself, how you move, how you think, and meet the world. 

I’ll teach the same lesson on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week. I have found it valuable to do a lesson more than once. If you take class on Tuesday and want to take it again on Saturday, you can attend Saturday’s class for free. 


Additionally, students currently enrolled in Testing the Mechanics can attend these classes for free throughout the Testing the Mechanics session. 

About my Training:

I was introduced to the Feldenkrais® Method in 2010 through my dance studies with Fritha Pengelly. The work had a profound impact on me and led me to enroll in the Feldenkrais in Santa Fe® Practitioner Training Program with Alan Questel. There, I had the good fortune of learning from trainers like Arlyn Zones, Julie Casson-Rubin, Deborah Bowes, Prisca Whitlow, and Katrin Smithback. Currently, I am an authorized Awareness Through Movement® instructor and will graduate as a full practitioner by the end of the year. 

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