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Current Work Samples


Testing the Mechanics (2023). Understudy Gallery - Image: Third Dune Productions

Testing the Mechanics (2023)

created in collaboration with sound artist Adam Stone

documentation by Third Dune Production

Understudy Gallery - Denver

Testing the Mechanics uses multiplayer cassette tape loops to pass sound through a circulatory system of magnetic tape underneath the floor. Visitors dip their heads into holes to listen through the static. Testing the Mechanics is a work about the timing and fragility of internal change, and directing from the inside even when you can’t see where you are going.

to get under, you have to lose (2020) 

38 minutes and 10 seconds

Work sample #1: 07:13 - 10:50

Work sample #2: 29:37 - 34:24

documentation and editing by Kevin Sweet

B2 Center for Media Arts and Performance - University of Colorado, Boulder


Using plywood, steel, dance and text, a performer digs holes in the gap between the laws of physics and the mechanics of a psyche. The holes keep collapsing and turbulence shows up as a series of squares. How a body tolerates emptiness becomes a question; “to get under, you have to lose” destabilizes the floor in order to imagine new futures.


this time with smaller parts (2021) 

36 minutes and 59 seconds

Kinetic Sculpture Work sample: 03:50 - 6:11

RedLine Contemporary Art Center’s CHECKING IN at the Evans School, Denver, CO

Curated by Louise Martorano 

documentation and editing by Kim Shively 


"this time with smaller parts" wrestles with thresholds. It asks how it is that one knows when one is in one kind of moment, one kind of reality and out of another. What are the cues, how do they accumulate, and how do you situate your body in relation to the reality you believe has or has not arrived? Working across dance, sculpture, gender, attachment, loss, love, and text, this time with smaller parts, looks for an opening from inside the in between, attempting to catch a glimpse of where we might be able to go if we learn how to live with overlap.

untitled duet (ejection fraction) (2018)

Full work: 14 minutes and 7 seconds

Work Sample: 06:40 - 14:04

created and performed with Ondine Geary *

inside of Kenzie Sitterud’s installation “The Bedroom”

documentation and editing by Carlos D. Flores

808 Project Space, Denver, Colorado 


An investigation of loss, queerness, the stand-in, and how the dead and the living finish each other’s sentences. 


*note: untitled duet (ejection fraction) features one line from Forrest Gander’s poem BECKONED at 7 minutes and 40 seconds, and Aracelis Girmay’s poem ELEGY at 13 minutes and 3 seconds.

Circuit Training (2023)

Presented as part of Tender Machines

Curated by Esther Hernandez

Union Hall Gallery - Denver

Testing the Mechanics Part 1 (2020)

Suspended Disbelief (2021)

Video Excerpt (of 3 hour performance loop): 9 minutes and 4 seconds 

Conceived, Created and Performed with Chris Bagley & Kate Speer

Documentation and editing by Kim Shively

RedLine Contemporary Art Center’s Chromatic Cogitations Rhythm Reboot 

Curated by Rosie Gordon Wallace

Exhibition/Performance Wall Text: "Suspended Disbelief" is a search party for changing states of matter. We are working with live performance, video projection, bodies, ladders, roof hatches, sequins, fog, rope, harness, carabiners, plywood, fabric, and a plexiglass tank, because we want to understand something new about the impossible relation between emotion and motion. By funneling these changing states through dynamics of above and below, inside and outside, and appearance and disappearance, we may locate the tethers that ground our realities. You can follow the status of the search via a mixed video projected within the plexiglass tank that translates motion/stillness on the roof and in/through the roof portal.

to get under, you have to lose | Laura Ann Samuelson (2020)
to get under, you have to lose | Laura Ann Samuelson (2020)

to get under, you have to lose | Laura Ann Samuelson (2020)

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Untitled Duet (Ejection Fraction) (2018)

Untitled Duet (Ejection Fraction) (2018)

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this time with smaller parts

this time with smaller parts

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search party

search party

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