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Video Links 

Untitled Duet. Created and performed with Ondine Geary. Footage by Kevin Sweet. 

THINNING OUT [Excerpt]. Video by Julie Rooney/Dancing Camera

Goodnight, Courtney Love. Created and performed with Joanna Rotkin. Footage by Heath VanDyke. 

Ring Around the Hole in the Ground.

Created and performed by Laura Ann Samuelson & Joanna Rotkin with Margaret Harris & Johannah Franke

SOME KIND OF FUN. Concept, Direction & Design by Adam Stone.
Co-Created by Adam Stone, Erin Rollman & Laura Ann Samuelson w/the cast. 
Writing by Adam Stone and Erin Rollman.
Choreography by Laura Ann Samuelson. Produced by Screw Tooth Theater Company and Performed at Buntport Theater. 

Performed by: 
Adderly White Bigelow, Ali Janes-Paulsen, Charlie Dando, Chris Kendall, Claire Patton, Drew Horwitz, Edith Weiss, Emily K. Harrison, Joanna Rotkin, Jonathan Edward Brown, Joseph Wolff Phillips, Kaelee Hart, Laura Ann Samuelson, Mary Grace Legg, Nathan Blackwell, Rachel Graham, Skye Hughes

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