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Testing the Mechanics

1 - on - 1 Workshops for Harnessing Personal Creativity

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TESTING THE MECHANICS is a six-week program for people who are looking to activate how creativity shows up in their lives. Whether you are a practicing artist hoping to challenge how you generate your work, or if you are someone interested in adding some art-making to your weekly routine, TESTING THE MECHANICS is a space that we will construct together to help you generate new ways of engaging with your ideas, questions, experiences, yourself, and the world beyond you. 

Here's the structure: 


- After an initial discussion of your goals, questions, challenges and interests, I will build a customized syllabus for our time together. This syllabus is just a starting point, and we will likely alter it as we go. You can think of the syllabus as a device to help us aim in particular direction, or as an initial tool for developing a common language. To get an idea, check out the sample syllabi below. 


-We will meet virtually each week for two hours. The content of these meetings will depend on the content of your syllabus. 


-Plan on spending a minimum of six hours per week (outside of our meeting time) generating your work. I will give you prompts in between sessions to experiment with. 

Sample syllabus #1 


Sample syllabus #2 


When: Six consecutive weeks in June and July. We decide together the day/time to meet each week 

Cost: $350 - $550 Sliding Scale


Payment plans are available. Please contact me to discuss.


Note: If you elect to pay more than $400 for your course, the surplus will be set aside for the development of a scholarship fund for future iterations of TESTING THE MECHANICS. 

(example: If you pay $500, I can set aside $100 for the fund). 

For questions/registration, please email 

Thoughts from Testing the Mechanics Students: Fall 2020

"I am so happy that I made the commitment to 'Testing the Mechanics'. I feel it is a gift to be able to share, ask questions, investigate, explore and experiment with Laura Ann. They create a safe and encouraging dynamic that yields a large amount of generative material; 6 weeks bore fruit worthy of a year of investigation! The author and artist recommendations I received opened up new ways of thinking and brought me more fully into contemporary conversations. The process feels informed by intuition, openness, their extensive education and a reverence for making- I'd sign up again!" 

- Jen Miller

"Testing the Mechanics was an incredibly powerful experience for me and my inquiry into the creative realm. This six week custom deep dive into the creative process was the perfect balance of guidance and freedom in discovering my own self-expression. Particularly valuable to me, was Laura Ann’s ability to create an open environment and non-judgemental space that allowed me to explore in whichever direction I was artistically drawn. LA’s adaptability in this process allowed for a versatile and eye-opening foray into various forms of creative expression. At the start, I had no idea what I was walking into or what I would leave this course with, but, by the end, I had found an entirely new medium and mechanism for self inquiry. For my personal experience, I ended up exploring concepts of identity as they relate to queerness, sexuality, art and science, delving into their intersections by documenting the somatic experience via video and photography.  I found LA to be remarkably intuitive as they directed me each week, always meeting me exactly where I was at. When I hit mental blocks in accessing my creativity, they were prepared with customized activities that helped me to get over that threshold and voice my imagination. I deeply appreciated that this course was both intellectual and experiential. Learning from relevant authors and artists helped me to expand my scope of understanding within my own creations and societally. I truly felt that this experience opened the door to be in relationship with my own identity as an artist. I would, without a doubt, recommend this course to anyone curious about uncovering their own hidden creativity or in evolving their current creative pursuits."

- Cate Cook

"‘Testing the Mechanics’ was an amazing course that I would recommend to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their creativity or just looking to experiment with new pathways of creating. Laura Ann is a supportive and open mentor who created personal, and engaging lessons with things to read, videos to watch, and creative invitations every week. They helped me find new ways of looking at my work and I felt like I was more empowered to explore different methods of creation by the end of our time together!"

- Mattie McGarey

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Mattie McGarey (left) and Cate Cook (right) in action. 

More Sample Syllabi...

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