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same signal, somewhat separate mouth 

Exhibited as part of  Tickle Here: Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices Group Show.

CMCI Studio. December 2019. Boulder, USA

A small preamp wired to a tactile transducer is fastened a square “mouthpiece” made from 2” x 2” plywood squares. The plywood squares are tied to one another with fishing line, and to a simple steel frame that sits four inches high on a kitchen countertop. Across the room, an exit leads to a stairwell. The door is propped open with a piece of 4’ x 4’ sheet of plywood. On the other side of the door and underneath the stairs, I lie between multiple sheets of plywood, stacked on top of 2’ tall steel metal frames. A wireless microphone sends my voice through the small piece of plywood sitting on the kitchen counter. Out of my sightline, my voice crackles across the surface of the mouthpiece. Speaking as the mouthpiece, I invite visitors to wrap me in Saran Wrap, and hold me between their teeth. The vibrations of the wood travel through the visitor’s teeth, and are amplified within the visitor’s skull. The bony contours of the skull function like a speaker cone, amplifying and clarifying the sound of my voice. 

same signal, somewhat separate mouth 2 t
same signal, somewhat separate mouth 3 t
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